Uniforms Rental Program

Outfit your employees with high-quality, custom uniforms without the struggle of purchasing a suitable batch on your own with Prime Uniform Supply’s full-service uniform rental program. Whether dentistry is your area of expertise or you’re managing an industrial jobsite, we’ve got a variety of garments and brands that you can choose from according to your company’s needs, and with our convenient cleaning service, your rented uniforms will be laundered on a regular basis to ensure that you and your staff are dressed to the nines, no matter the situation.

Choosing Your Uniforms

Our rental service is a convenient, hassle-free process that lets you keep workers suited up for whatever comes their way. No matter your industry, you’re likely to find the gear you’re looking for within our collection, which spans from food service smocks to lab coats and includes associated protective gear to boot. Once you’ve selected the types of uniforms your staff needs, you’ll be able to customize each garment with company logos and/or employee names to deliver an extra-personal touch, in addition to adjusting individual garment sizing as needed to suit the particular needs of each employee.

Full-Service Rental And Cleaning Services

Aside from choosing your uniforms to rent, you can elect to enlist Prime Uniform Supply’s comprehensive cleaning service, too. When the uniforms are ready to be cleaned, we’ll come pick them up ourselves, and once they’re thoroughly laundered, we’ll redeliver them to your premises to make certain that there’s no need for unnecessary expenses or effort on your end.

When it comes to actually laundering the garments, our process is designed to be completely hygienic in order to ensure that each uniform is 100% ready to be worn once it’s returned to your business. Using this service not only eliminates the need for you to worry about making additional arrangements for cleaning, but helps keep your uniforms in peak condition at all times, which can help you build and bolster your organization’s reputation from a visual standpoint.

Rent With Prime Uniform Supply

Seeking a convenient way to outfit your employees with uniforms that offer both protection and professionalism? Look no further than Prime Uniform Supply, located in West New York, NJ. We’re dedicated to providing the entire Tri-State Area with clothing, floor mats and linens for commercial purposes. To place your order or learn more about our services, be sure to contact us today.